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DIY Autofocuser...recommendations needed please


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Hi All,

I've been searching and have discovered many snippets of info of people designing and building their own USB auto focusers and was wondering if this is something I could make for my Startravel 102 scope which uses a rack and pinion focuser. I have a 3D printer pretty much sitting doing nothing and am quite handy with a soldering iron. What I'm very very bad at is designing and coding so am looking for pointers to someone that has published a DIY kit I can make. Could anyone help? As I'll be using it with NINA it must be ASCOM compatible (or is that INDI as well?).



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Thanks guys. I'm going to chomp through a document Robert Brown kindly emailed over and see. The biggest problem I see at the moment is the physical mounting of it to the ST102 scope and how / if it can connect to either the knob or bar of the focuser. Have any of you any thoughts on this / done this on a similar scope / focuser?

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