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ZWO EAF manual focus……

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Hi all.  Tonight was the first night of trying to get my new gear up and running.  It’s all centred around an ASIAIR PRO. I’m a bit confused about focusing, as it says in order to autofocus, I need to do a rough, manual focus first.  The thing is, with the ZWO EAF connected, I don’t seem to be able to turn the knobs by hand. They are rock-solid. They turn fine via the EAF, but that is a real faff. Am I doing something wrong? 

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Hi Ande,

The only way (to my knowledge) to 'manually' focus with the EAF attached is via the hand controller. You cannot manually focus by hand with the EAF attached. I will let others chime in to correct me here! But as far as I am concerned you haven't done anything wrong in that regard.

I recently added an EAF to my scope too. I knew roughly where my focus point was so before I initiated the autofocus protocol in the ASIAir Pro, I used the 'go to' command within the ASIAir EAF screen to set my 'rough' focus position. I then switched to focus mode in the ASIAir and played around with the fine focus setting until I could see reasonably focused stars. I then initiated autofocus.


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Apologies if I wasn't clear before. Where I said hand controller I meant the dedicated ZWO EAF hand controller. Not the mount hand controller. 

To be honest though I don't really know what the difference is between using the dedicated ZWO EAF hand controller versus using the control commands within the ASIAir Pro EAF screen. Probably nothing at all but again wil have to let someone chime in who has one :)


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Oops 😂.  No need to apologise. It’s just me being thick. I certainly won’t be buying a manual controller. I’ll try and get rough focus in daylight, hopefully via the “video” mode. 

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