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Telescope Just Arrived, and I'm Good to Go!


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MASSIVE box just arrived, containing my Brand New Skywatcher 130PM. Put the whole thing together, and spent the rest of the afternoon looking through neighbors windows. Sky's awful cloudy, but looks like it might just clear up a bit by sun-down!

So I've already posted a few times to this site, but now that I have a scope, I feel like I've really arrived! THank you all for your advice and such, the scope looks awsome.... Takes up half my flat, but there ya go.

I'm in Poole. Anyone local to me?

Anyhow, look forward to a great new hobby!


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Sounds great, hope you really enjoy your scope. Should be clear tommorow night in Poole so you should get a chance to spot Venus (bright star in west) and Saturn rises about 9pm in east...enjoy. Plus try to find Lulin high to east..use binocs to find and then the scope to look at it...


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