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SGL 4 Lucksall Park Catering.

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For SGL 4 Lucksall Park Attendees.

Usually at the SGL Starparty's the catering team provide a few evening meals and a breakfast for the SGL members at a reasonable price.

This usually consists of a varied and exciting evening menu and a breakfast at least one morning.

However, due to the numbers coming to Lucksall for SGL 4 this is not practical. The sheer volume of food that will have to be prepared and cooked is not possible at this time, also the time involved would mean that we would spend 3 - 4 hours cooking and clearing up with the chefs being exhausted before they even start getting their kit ready for observing..

However....Depending on numbers we may provide an evening meal only on the Saturday night as a way of a thankyou for your support over the last year..

It will be the SGL secret recipe chili....And a lump of French bread..

That will be the only meal that the SGL Team will provide, there is no vegetarian option!

This will be the only meal that will be supplied over the weekend.

And the recipe is secret ... So don't ask what go's in it...!

Price for the Chilli and lump of French stick will be £5.00 per person to cover all ingredients and cooking ancillaries. You just need to bring your own bowl and spoon..

The chili that has been cooked has always proved popular, so if you would like to sample the SGL Secret Recipe Chili...Put your name down below as we have to have an idea of numbers..

Thanks Greg, Daz, Kai and Ian.

SGL4 Chili Club 2009..












Helen +2


Mark at Beaufort


Stephen Green +1


Micheal Morris+2






Michigander +1

30 so far...

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We'll get a rough idea numbers in here first so we can do some planning, then probably confirm numbers and take payment on Friday night over a glass or two..


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I don't want to muck this thread up too much, but it now seems cooking gear Beans and Hardtack are going to be needed amongs the astro gear. Just that I now need to go shopping for a stove and whatever. There will be eating establishments in the camp or round about, but that will add a bit to the expense sheet, but I suppose most guys will be now thinking the same. I could maybe survive on cheese and crackers and mugs of tea.:lol:


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bit more cayenne this time though.

You've upset the Chef God......A special Chilli it will be for you...:lol:


There are a couple of pubs nearby that serve food...You won't be alone:)

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I have heard that after a bowl of this stuff, just standing near your scope, enables you to turn off your dew heaters. Is it just a rumour,

or what?.


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Yes please for the chilli. Sounds good.

Does it also help with dew prevention..?

I have heard you mustn't breathe too hard after eating this preparation, especially near your scope. You may not get any imaging done waiting for it to cool to ambient.

May only be a rumour. I can't speak from personal experience.

MikeP has extra Cayenne on his, so best to give him a wide berth for a few hours.:)

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