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Summer Triangle Challenge

Cloud dodging in Cumbria


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Mrs Swoop1 and I take every opportunity we can to visit football grounds that we haven't been to before in our support of Swindon town FC. This past weekend, our team were the visitors to Holker Street, The home ground of Barrow AFC.

Being as it isn't on our doorstep (a 5 or so hour drive) we decided to make a weekend o it, travelling up on Friday with a stop in Southport for a walk in the town and promenade.

The hotel we booked for Barrow in Furness was on the outskirts of the town and looked to have a chance of quite dark skies so I packed the C6 SCT and Alt/Az tripod- just in case. It was a very we drive up and I wasn't hopeful but, at about 8:00 p.m. I took a peak out of the window and spied some sunstantial breaks in the clouds. I intended to head out on my own to set up in the shadow of an embankment that surrounde part of the hotel but my wife was concened that if something happend, I would be in trouble so she accompanied me.

She has had the odd peek through my scope but not too much so I was very hapy to have her with me and to introduce her to the wonders of The orion Nebula, The Pleiades, Hyades and a close look at Aldebaran- her first Red Giant. I think she enjoyed this little interlude of cloud dodging and hopefuly might lead to more frequent visits to my scopes.

We finished our weekend by looking for a venue for a short detour on the drive back. Low and behold, probably the most famous telescope in the UK is only a short drive from Junction 18 of the M6 so Jodrell Bank it was! Talk abour aperture envy....

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