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Anybody seen Errors like the below in NINA when connecting to ASI camera ? NINA has been fine recently and just when I think I'm getting somewhere with NINA it lets me down...
Switched to APT and salvaged the session without any connectivity issues seen...

ZWOptical.ASISDK.ASICameraException: Error 'ASI_ERROR_INVALID_SIZE' from call to 
ASISetROIFormat(cameraId=0, size={Width=4944, Height=3284}, bin=1, imageType=ASI_IMG_RAW16)



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I know that APT and NINA have the native driver built in but I always make sure that the Windows USB driver that gets loaded when the camera is plugged in is the same version as the camera drivers I have actually installed, especially as the Altair installer does not update this driver automatically and have to go to device manager under windows and then update the driver but point it at C:\Program Files\AltairAstro\AltairCapture\drivers and allow windows to search the subfolders.

Sometimes if this is not the case then I find APT and or NINA native does not work as I expect as Windows loads this USB driver when the camera is connected whether ASCOM is being used or not.

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