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London based C8 help


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Hi there would anyone in the London area please be available to help me take the back off my C8 and re-fix the focus bolt? 

I can pay for their time

I had a go myself and can’t seem to get the back off and I don’t want to go to deep into areas I’m not familiar with. 

please !! 

Please get in touch and I can send you a video of the issue



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Hi there

I posted this in scopes but not sure if it should belong here?

Pls delete if not allowed......

Hello there I had to take my SCT apart as the locking nut from the focus shaft to the primary mirror fell off. That was no big deal I'm just having a bit of struggle trying to reattach the assembley. I'm looking for a proper exploded view of the C8 or if anyone has any direct experience of this I would be most grateful I'm more than willing to pay for a quick 10 minute Skype or WhatsApp to try and get it back together again !


I did the disassembly before Christmas and then went over to Rhys and I've come back I'm just a little bit stuck 


It shouldn't be a big deal but I'm just in quite a muddle 


Many thanks one and all and a happy New Year 









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