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Went out to observe the Moon about 4.15 pm, and noticed Venus way to the East.  Carried my Altair 80 ED-R on the Scopetech Zero mount to an adjoining road to get a telescopic view of Venus - it was amongst tree branches at home.  Really nice view in the binoviewer and two 24mm Orthos.  

Back to the house as it became darker and I had fine views of the other planets and the Moon in the scope.  I also remembered I had a new phone in my pocket which I had picked up this morning which happened to have a night mode for its camera.  

Took some pics which didn't do a bad job considering it was hand held.  One of the pics and a crop of it is below.  It will be interesting to see what it can do on a dark night with no Moon.

I was pleased to see this grouping as the weather had previously been poor this week.





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