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WBL 126 – Compact galaxy group in Gemini


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Discovered to my surprise that the sky had cleared a bit last night (6-Dec-2021), although the seeing was not great and it was later in the evening than I usually start, so I just chose a part of the accessible sky, which happened to be Gemini.  By accident, I stumbled across an interesting group of galaxies, including NGC 2289, which, having plate solved in Jocular, I learn to be WBL 126.

Searching around the web, I found this post in the other place...


which also links to a full resolution annotated version here:


over seven years old and, very sadly, no comments on it.  I simply direct you there rather than regurgitate any part of it.  Interesting to compare the superior colo(u)r image there (from a 14" SCT and ~2 hours exposures) with my usual 5 minutes here.  Also very surprised to read that these are classified as lenticular or elliptical, because in their image, several certainly look spiral.

Any further information on this group is most welcome.  Is there somewhere else I should go for more information?





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Hi Tony,

Glad you have discovered the pleasure of taking a look at the WBL groups. Martin first got me into those when he first posted a few and then we set up the WBL thread. Looks like you are hooked with the wide fov of your set up. By the way you may have also picked up your first ring galaxy - NGC 2290 which is a galaxy with an outer ring.

Below is the link to WBL 126 in the WBL thread

Sometime I must re-visit this area and get a better shot of NGC 2290 to add to my Ring Galaxy collection.

Thanks for posting such a good shot.

Have fun,



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