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Upgraded focuser?

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As you may gather by my posting in the beginners section I am still trying to understand the relative importance of bits associated with astronomical telescopes.  

No.1 'clear skys' never before have I noticed that it is so often cloudy!

No.2 the amount of shiny things that you can buy for your telescope!   

I have begun (couldn't resist) by trying a couple of eyepieces but I wondered about the attractive focusers that are available as an 'upgrade' to the standard one on my Skywatcher 250p dobsonian. 

The ones that seem compatible are, Moonlite CR2, Baader Steeltrak and the Skywatcher dual speed, please feel free to add others to my short list.

I can see that some offer, fine control, but also motor control options, (not sure why you would need remote control focusing on a dob?) but can i ask,  "do these devices really enhance the experience?"   

Many thanks,  Paul  

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Yes the SW dob will,benefit from a focuser upgrade. 

The SW upgrade crayford while not exactly a high end item is a straight forward bolt on and a big improvement over stock. The Baader is far, far better but will require drilling new mounting holes. The Baader would be my recommendation as it’s the next best thing to a FeatherTouch and not a crazy price.

BTW Moonlite recently discontinued all their regular focusers. They only make motorised focusers now.  They claim it was down to lack of materials but has left many very disapponted.

You can fit a simple focuser motor such as the SW one to pretty well any focuser bit as you say a bit wasted on a dob.

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Thank you @johninderby I hadn't spotted the drilling requirement for the Baader, the video makes it look manageable enough but, I am a little squeamish about getting swarf in my  telescope!  

I would be interested to know if the Lacerta 1:10 micro-focuser is worthwhile? Again, assuming that you can get one. 

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The Lacerta dual speed knob is good but it doesn’t address the build quality limitations of the stock focuser. Think the SW upgrade focusers is a better alternative as you get a much better made focuser as well as the dual,speed.


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The original focussers provided often benefit from a bit of tweaking. That is on new and old scopes.

With a little adjustment here and there, you can often improve things.

You don't need a motor focusser with tiny movements for when you compensate for temperature changes and need to keep spot on focus for the camera.
You don't need a heavy duty focusser thay will acurately travel with a Kg of camera. Though some eyepieces are like jam jars😄

I am always out with the screwdrivers and allen keys, long before the wallet.

HTH, David.

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+2 for the Lacerta upgrade. 

I got this for my 250px, and it was wonderful.

I have a Moonlight on my Lunt and a beautiful Feathertouch on my 15".  While they are both far superior to the stock SW focuser, I have to say that on my 250px, the Lacerta mod made it a pleasure to focus, and together with the stock focuser, was perfectly functional and usable.

I spent the money I saved on other accessories!! 😉

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