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Cas Doubles In A Cluster, And Another


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5.30pm Monday, some patchy cloud, Bresser 10” Dob in use.  (A fine telescope – shows up faint stars, sharp [centre-field anyway], and easy to use at high altitude.)

From Ruchbah in Cassiopeia it was a short hop to the open cluster C10 / NGC 663, x42 / 1.94deg.  It’s a nice cluster – small, faint, fairly loose – but what struck me was the half-dozen or so of star pairs, each of roughly matched magnitude and spacing.  And one star in each of two of these pairs is a double, as follows:

Σ153 Cas  – 9th and 10th mags, 7.7deg of separation.  It’s in Turn Left, but not CDSA or Haas, and its status is uncertain.  I think I just about got the split at x42, but it was definite at x64 – very close, secondary at 1 o’clock.

Σ151 Cas  – fainter, at 10th and 11th mags, with 7.2deg of separation.  This also is not in CDSA or Haas, and is also uncertain.  Think I got it at x64, definitely did at x91.  Secondary at 11 o’clock very faint – AV helped.  This and the previous one were both in the same FOV, both clearly split – a sort of “double double”.  Very pleasing, and highly recommended to doubles fans!

Next, Achird, 24 Cas – very mismatched (3rd and 7th mags), 13” separation.  Easily split at x42, secondary at 5 o’clock.  Quite a bit of glare from the primary, so the split looked better at x64.

On a roll here with targets new to me, then……rain!  Never mind.  It was a successful and enjoyable 45 minute session before mealtime.


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Thanks Paul @wookie1965.  The Dob is good all round, and for doubles, shows faint stars and allows quite high mag.  Pretty sharp too (though not quite as good as a frac).  Mine lives in the Dobhouse, so is ready for action.  Having one to wheel out would be even better!


PS: Hope you're OK after recent problems.

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