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Fabulous Line-up!


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Not long seen this - mostly too low to see in a 'scope - had to go up to a bedroom for it.

In a straight line:

Bright Jupiter, at 23deg, in the south.

Saturn, lower, further to west.

Bright Venus at 8deg, near SW.

Finally, just off the line, very close to the horizon, and a bit further west - a lovely slender crescent Moon.

If you missed it all, check it out on Stellarium.

Quite a spectacle - I'm glad I caught it briefly!



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Clouded out here, Jupiter and Venus were on show at times. Nice similar lineup tmrw evening if it's clear. 

I checked to see if comet Leonard was showing this evening (not sure if it's possible to see unless your on a mountain), too much cloud though.

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I put this in the "What did you see tonight" forum, but maybe it should have gone in here instead?🤔.

Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Venus as seen from my friends' guest bedroom in Northumberland.. a lovely sight visually, and a couple of shots taken with my Moto G8..





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I took another look last night - walked early evening to where there is good view south/west - Jupiter, Saturn, low Moon (had waxed a bit more - lovely), then Venus a bit further across.  Just had to point out the spectacle to some dog-walkers!


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