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Through the gaps in the clouds


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First serious attempt at these DSO. I’m in a heavily LP area so rely on the L-eXtreme. Tried shooting between the gaps in cloud cover but they aren’t too bad. Bit of noise due to not getting enough data and as I’m using a D7500, but I’m happy with results. 5E835175-22D1-48A1-A06D-9B053ABDCC57.thumb.jpeg.980b537d7dc8e3b51a5bbf910fcda656.jpegDF871512-A1AD-4533-9868-2B6076988CC3.thumb.jpeg.90de69d2a13d798ab20553aca1a6d66e.jpegCA1C0746-1019-45C7-83A0-6C324143000F.thumb.jpeg.4a3ab57d76f003f7a6a97f56b5e7da02.jpeg

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Nice work!  The Ha nebulosity looks terrific.  The OIII is being swamped a little and I wonder if this could be corrected by slightly heavier stretching of G and B channels during the inital process.

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This is one I took during summer and managed to stretch the B&G channel a little more to bring up the OIII, but I thing the Veil is a classic example of Nebula that has a distinct line of separation between OIII and Ha. The Heart and Rosette are mustard! I might have a crack at the Packman Nebula as it's a bit more forgiving. Having said that, these are my first serious foray into DSO imaging and considering I'm dealing with floodlights from a local Home Bargains store, I'm really chuffed. 


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