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Which are best?


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You wouldn't find too much difference between these. They are in the same 'class' really.

To see a significant improvement you would need to step up (and pay!) for ED or semi-APO types from say Oberwerk or APM. Next higher still are true APO class.

All of these would feature interchangeable eyepieces and 45 or 90 degree angled eyepieces.

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While I have never put my Orion binoculars next to Celestron binoculars I have put my Orion scope eyepeices up against Celestron eyepieces.  My not so scientific comparriso was done using a Teeter dob and eyepiece for eyepiece the Orion's transmitted light better.  Not a ton better, but enough to be noticeable.  I would have to assume that the binos would do about the same.  

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I had Orion 25x100, they were excellent. I only get rid of them because where I live now I’m in a valley and you have to look up in my neck strain drove me away from them. If you’re in an area where you’re not forced to look so high they are great. I can’t comment on Celestron other than I don’t like their customer support. Orion has easy online returns if you’re not happy with them. 

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