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Dew heater strap - which size and make for Esprit 100ED

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Hi all,

I Hope you are well.

I am looking to buy a dew heater strap for my SW Esprit 100ED - especially now those cold nights are creeping in.  However I have read conflicting reviews as to which size to get amongst other things.

I wondered if I could get your views on the following:

- which size would you get? The 4" makes sense but I have read that some have said it is slightly small for the Esprit 100ED. Is a strap for a 5" a better option in this case?

- which make would you recommend? I have a number of Lynx Astro things but wondered if there are other 'preferred' straps out there.

- where do you place your strap on the Esprit 100ED? I have seen/read that some put it around the dew shield itself whereas others put it around the OTA just before the dew shield. The latter would surely be more effective!?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Dew straps can adjust across a range of sizes with the velcro tags , slightly bigger is better than slightly smaller I would suggest.

Just overlap at the "join" and all will be fine.


You do need to have a power controller though , flat out they get a bit hot if it is not a frosty night.

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Thanks both for your comments.

So probably best to go with a 5" then as opposed to a 4"?

As for my Evoguide 50ed - I am thinking probably a 2" is sufficient. The 3" seems to be a tad excessive!?

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