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Tasco 11TR Reflector

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Has any one owned or used a mid 80's Tasco Model 11TR reflector ?  I have a chance to buy one incl an eq mount, in like new condition, for about $100 C but before I do I had better ask about it.

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I was product manager for Tasco between 1981 and 1986, and use many of the telescopes we had on display, including the 11TR.  In fact my first view of Saturn was through an 11TR and from my aging memory was thrilled with what I saw that I dragged the whole family out (I was circa 20 year old at the time !).  The optics were good, it had a parabolic mirror, and the 12m and 20m eyepieces were OKish - but if you could get hold of a better eyepiece the images were a lot better.  It suffered from two things that made using it a pain.  The wooden tripod and small mount didn't provide a sturdy platform, and the eyepieces were basic and of the 0.96" size rather then the now standard 1.25", so you were limited to what accessories you could use.

For $100 CAD  - £60 GBP its worth a punt, especially if its in mint condition, if only for the nostalgia. 

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