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Another M31


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This is my first real project using the ASIAir Plus instead of a laptop and I'm quite pleased with it.

I chose M31 due to the near full Moon and it was nicely placed over the two nights I was imaging it.

This is a total of 7h 34m of integration time using 45s, 60s & 120s exposures, 344 of them in all. Stacked and processed in PI, with de-noise & sharpen using Topaz AI. 

The kit was HEQ5, Sky Watcher Evostar ED80 with FF/RF and the ZWO ASI294MC Pro cooled to -10°C, gain 120.

C&C's welcomed. ;)


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1 hour ago, Allinthehead said:

With the moon about that really is lovely.


I did have issues with Sky Glow from the Moon when I stacked it with the Flats using DSS which gave some brown gradients which I couldn't seem to shift. Ditching the Flats and only calibrating with Darks using WeightedBatchProcessing in PI seems to have reduced the Sky Glow and allowed a more even background. 

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1 hour ago, tomato said:

That’s really nice, another OSC set up performing well. I suppose your FOV could just do with being a little bit larger to frame it nicely, or how about a 4 panel mosaic?

I've not tried any mosaics yet, mainly because of the lack of clear nights. August was good but I only had 3 clear nights in September, 1 in October and 2 this month. I could give M31 a go with ASI294MC connected to my Samyang 135mm F2 but the FOV would go the other way with that. :D

Maybe something to try when I get around to building my Obsy!

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