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Heart of the Heart. plus raw fits channels for folk to play with themselves.


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A few weeks back  I did a wide field of the Heart and Soul Galaxy.

Last night, I did a close up of the heart of the heart - C9.25, asi1600 NB SHO.

Original, heart of heart, and a wee video fading one to the other below.

First Heart, as shot with SY135 and asi1600


Now the heart of the heart:


And finally a wee video fade from the wide to the close up:

Still a work in progress. Stars are terrible - I keep forgetting the do some quick rgb star subs. And I like my wide colour palette, and think I'll try and match with the close up. I think with the addition of a 14mm shot it could make a great 3 print group.

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  • Stu changed the title to Heart of the Heart

update: I'm not happy with that close up, so starting again. I found starnet failed to get rid of a large number of the stars, so bought star Xterminator and found it removed them all no problem. So back to the start and trying again.

Editing just using APP and Affinity - having to really up my affinity skills with tutorials, etc. I spent hours last night trying to get the colours to match the original wide shot, but I don't think it's gonna be possible really. So I think I'm best forgetting about that, and just focusing on getting the most out the data I can.

On which..if anyone fancies having a go - stacked fits below.

Only thing I'd ask is data remains (c)stu smith. First time I'd bother even saying that, but feel data is good here and I plan to eventually put final pics on stock photo sites.

However, I would be interested in what people with more experience can do with the data as this hobby is all about learning!



ic1805.2021.21_23-Oxygen_III-session_2.fits ic1805.2021.21_23-Sulphur_II-session_1_session_2.fits ic1805.2021.21_23-Hydrogen-alpha-session_1_session_2.fits

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  • powerlord changed the title to Heart of the Heart. plus raw fits channels for folk to play with themselves.

I had a play with them in PI and came up with the image below.

The is using SHO combination, removing the magenta in the dust clouds with PI's CorrectMagentaStars script. Starnet worked fine in PI, only one slight remnant left from the bright star in the top right of the image. 

Noise reduction and sharpening were done using Topaz AI.


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I used the same crop on all three files, then did ChannelCompination in SHO, so as far as I know it was 100% on all three channels. 

When I stretched the combined image, I did it so only a small mount of the black was lost ( I mean really small amount) but the mid-tones were quite light to bring out the background clouds. Then I use starnet and started using curves on the starless image. This is the starless version after the using curves and Topaz Gigapixel AI to clean up the noise and sharpen a little (I didn't use any noise reduction methods in PI):



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I'm no expert with mono images, I've only ever processed other peoples, mainly the IKO data, because I have a OSC camera. I feel the pallet colours are immaterial, when processing a false colour image just choose the pallet you're happy with.

In this case I chose, what I think is, the Hubble Pallet because I feel it shows more detail than other pallets. Having said that, I like your first rendition above, the colours are fine and it's a striking image. I think you would bring out more background cloud detail with a slightly more aggressive stretch. It looks like you've done that with this one and look at the extra detail you've got!

I've also found that, sometimes, less processing is better than loads of tweaking with Curves and HDR. Don't over think it and if you don't think it's working then leave it alone and come back to it tomorrow. ;)

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