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IC 5146 Cocoon Nebula first attempt


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Hi all,

I hope you are well.

I haven't posted on here for a while, nor have I imaged/observed for a few months (i think - losing track of time).  This mainly down to being extremely busy at work, but also because the weather has been absolutely garbage!

Anyhow - I finished work at a reasonable hour earlier in the week and given that the night sky was crystal clear, I though it would be criminal not to set-up my imaging gear.

I didn't really think it through or plan anything, I just set-up and went about seeking a target which took my fancy. I finally settled on IC 5146 aka Cocoon Nebula.

This is only about my 7th target I've ever imaged so you have to excuse the quality. I am also trying to learn PI so I have experimented with a few new things.

Imaging info:

20 x 300s lights, 20 x 300s darks, 100 x bias and flats. Stacked in APP and processed (badly) in PI.


SW Esprit 100ED, SW evoguide 50ed, 120MM guide camera, 533MC Pro main camera, all controlled by an ASIAIR Pro On a SW AZ EQ6 GT.

Any hints and tips on how to use PI properly will be very welcomed :)




IC5146_PI processed Full.png

IC5146_PI processed.png

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