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A couple of Jupiter images 22/23rd November 2021


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Poor seeing conditions, but interesting moon activity. The 23rd Nov image (tonight) shows  Ganymede starting a transit on the lhs, Io and Callisto on the rhs and Io's shadow beginning to leave Jupiter's disk.

The 22nd Nov image shows the GRS coming around the limb.


Jupiter 2021-11-23-1743-L-PE.jpg

Jupiter 2021-11-22-1727-L-PE.jpg

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Bottom image showing the best detail i think Peter

I was surprised that seeing was better than of late my end. Though shooting over house roof and on concrete goes against even calmer air. Jet stream showed it was out the way. But as i have found myself its no guarantee. Local conditions can still vary

Seems like your seeing was more disturbed.

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