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Summer Triangle Challenge

A decent session tonight.

Mr Spock

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I started out with the 102mm looking at Jupiter. Seeing wasn't great but I could make out 4 belts and perhaps some variation in the main belt. Oh, and the extra moon lol.

I spent a good while after going through some doubles in Lyra. A really varied selection which I'll put in the doubles forum.

As cloud started to roll in I pointed the 250mm at Jupiter. Gagh! It was just a featureless white blob. Not at all what I'd seen earlier! There were waves of poor seeing pouring over it. As I studied, some belts came into view in moments of steadiness along with some detail. Ah I thought, is the the old refractor v reflector chestnut. Nope, I turned the 102 toward Jupiter and that was the same featureless blob only darker and no belts... It was of course the proximity of the line of sight being over some houses which no doubt had their heaters on :sad2: 

Still, quite a good night.

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