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Imaging with a modified DSLR Camera


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Hi all, noobie question.

i just purchased a modified DSLR camera to ( Canon 450D) start Astro imaging..

My question is, to those in the know, do you get a preview on the LCD, as all I get is a pinkish hue.

 If that’s normal, how do I know I have what I’m aiming for.


thanks in advance.

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9 minutes ago, Paul779 said:

some good info on setup here :



Did you say that that's not right?


These are the settings I use.



1.   Exposure level increments - doesn't matter

2.   Flash sync - doesn't matter

3.   Long exposure noise reduction – off

4.   High ISO speed noise reduction – off

5.   Auto lighting optimiser – disable

6.   AF assist beam firing – off

7.   AF during live view shooting – off

8.   Mirror lock up – disable

9.   shutter/AE lock button - AF/AE lock

10.   SET button when shooting - LCD monitor on off

11.     LCD display when power on – Display

12.     Add original decision data - off

·      Set mode to 'M' and exposure length to 'BULB'

·    ISO is  800


·      Menu 1:Quality RAW (when shooting RAW things like exposure compensation, white balance etc. have no effect whatever)

·      Red eye off

·      Beep off

·      Shoot w/o card - personal preference

·      Review time  -- your choice, I go for 4 sec

·      Menu 2 - none of these matter, but don't set just delete data, you use flats for this.





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45 minutes ago, mareman48 said:

does not display anything that's in front of the camera

To see what's in front of the camera in real time -like on your 'phone- you must set live view. On a 450, that's the video camera icon.

To see anything recognisable which is in front of the camera, you must also fit and focus a lens. Or telescope.

Cheers and HTH

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Fit the correct adapter/extension tube, then focus on a distant terrestrial object by looking through the viewfinder. That should get you close enough focus to record stars in a few seconds or so. You may even be able to see bright stars on the camera's LCD but much easier using an app on your 'phone/computer. Fine tune the focus on a brightish star.


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