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The Moon - 1st March


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The moon from last night. C80ED on a camera tripod, 450d and 2xTC, whilst it was clear last night, my back was bad so didn't wan't to risk carting the HEQ5 out, so just settled on these.


And trying it the other way round


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Great pics John, the weather here last night was poor, but I had a look outside about 8:30 pm and there was a fair bit of clear sky. I toyed with the idea of getting the 'scope out of the shed, but went for my 7x50 Binos instead, Moon looked fantastic, also good view of Orion nebula, but my attempts to spot the elusive comet were in vain due to cloud cover.

Your pics at least let me see how the moon would have looked had I dragged the scope out, needless to say the clear skies only lasted 15 minutes or so.

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