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A week ago, we went to a dark sky area at the German border. Conditions were a little hazy at first, but cleared up during the night. 

temperatures dropped to minus 5; the first time in freezing temperatures with the 18”. 
my dew control needs a bit more tweaking. Everything was dripping wet before the session started, so the dew heater on the secondary was fired up from the start, and my batteries died at about 2 a.m., after which I cut the session short and went to bed. 

the session was mainly comparing views between my 18” Nichol and the brand new 20” Lockwood of a friend, both Sumerian Canopus. 
(there ìs a difference, ofcourse, but the 18” stands his ground, luckily :) )

I’m posting the raw sketches, as it might take a while before I get a chance to digitalise them. Sketches are all up close and personal this way, sorry for that.

first one: NGC 7814; The Mini Sombrero.


Next up: Messier 1 - I NEVER before saw this much structure and detail in it! The 20” showed even more. 
best views were in lower magnifications, with a 2” O3 filter. 


last one is Jones 1; Jn1 in my atlas, also dubbed ‘the headphones nebula’. The circular glow is also best viewed in the largest apertures and dark skies, anything lower might only show the 2 lobes. 


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