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Is this Telescope any good?

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I have just acquired this from a house clearance and wanted to know what type of scope this is and what equipment it's has attached to it ?

I haven't a clue about it's value or interest as it seems a bit old but in great shape.

Any suggestions what this is i would be most grateful.

It's stands here just above 4ft tall 52" end to end









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I agree with @Ian McCallum - It is a Skywatcher Evostar 150. Probably 10-15 years old judging by the colour scheme. That one needs some TLC and a few bits are missing, eg: a diagonal and eyepieces. The finder scope is not the original one but might be a decent replacement.

The key thing with regard to being able to find a prospective buyer for it is the condition of the objective lens - the main lens on the opposite end of the scope to the  finder and focuser.

My guess is that the scope might have some appeal to someone who knows their way around scopes, as a "fixer upper" but the condition of the objective lens is crucial.

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Yes it’s definitely an old style Skywatcher 6” refractor (150mm) and as previously stated from the Evostar range. The scope needs a lot of TLC to bring it back to being useable. The big lens in the front of the telescope is the most important part, and it’s condition is crucial. If the scope was stored somewhere damp then this can badly compromise the lens. Take the black cover off the front to get a look at the objective lens. Until the condition of the objective lens is determined it’s not clear of the best way forward 

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This, if the objective lens is in good condition, is an under-rated telescope and can give pleasing views. I've had one for many years.  It has little value on the used market because it's unsuitable for astrophotography and needs a substantial mount. (A new mount suitable for this scope would cost around £1000 but someone who already has such a mount might give £150 for the parts you have.)  I don't see it as looking externally anything more than dusty and faded. Mine looks worse but works well. The condition of the lens is everything.


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