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Bodes frustration


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Just been out tonight for the first time in about a month and a half due to work and weather etc. Clear as a bell out there so thought I'd try and see M81 and M82 with scope. Could find them with binos, but after trying for an hour, just couldn't find them with scope... to near zenith I think and dob wobbles a bit up there.

Neck strain to, at that angle.

So frustrating....!!

On the upside though, I did manage to glimpse comet Lulin through binos..

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I know that feeling. So start with the end star of the plough and then move away int he direction of the pole. Follow a little arc of stars around and then a bit to the right, you can then find a paturn that looks like a T...go up from the T and you can find them. They are a real pig to find but worth it when you get there....

Practice Practice Practice its the only way

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Have to say I have been there too. Isnt there a name for that problem with a dob in that area?

The way I got it in the end was to get the mrs to hold my GLP pointed at M81, and find it from there!

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Dobsons hole. It relates to the way that an alt-az mount works when you have little leverage. A well made one however does not suffer so much from it.


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