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April Showers - nice


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Clearing this evening. Put scope out to cool before going out for meeting with BBQ cover on top just in case. Sparkly sky on getting home. Aligned scope - about 90deg out cos I'd tried to align regulus but had selected to wrong star on the hand set. Realigned.

Goto Owl Nebula. Nice faint smudge at x80. Boot up laptop, connect camera with focal reducer and cls filter. Gradually bring into focus. Owl looking good. Focus tweaked . Now adjust the gain and exposure.

Stars gone, 100% cloud in 30 secs, torrential rain bouncing off the ground in 60 seconds. Frantically get everything under cover.

Sparkly skies again.

Hey ho :sad7:

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Hi Martin,

That sounds familiar! :lol: But at least you had the BBQ shelter at the ready. I always have an Argos fishing shelter or large dust sheet standing by.

I've setup and taken down twice this evening. Finally got going on M101 but 15mins later in rolled the cloud again. So here i am sitting in front of the PC. Daren't look outside because i know it will be clear.

Plan was a few good images of M101 before giving M13 a first go of the year. ho hum.

Good luck with tomorrow night.


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That sounds very much like an incident at the 40" dome on Mount Lemmon. It was early in the monsoon season, late July. The sky looked good, so we were setting up taking sky flats just after sunset when we heard a clap of thunder in the distance. I ran up the ladder to peak out the slot when another bright flash and thunder clap nearly knocked me off! Fortunately, the operator for the night, (I forget his name), started closing the clamshell immediately. About 30 seconds later, we heard the rain smashing into the opposite side of the dome! It took about another 30 seconds for the clam to fully close, but because we were pointed away from the onslaught, (we got lucky), and not much rain hit the scope. It was pretty exciting.... :shock:

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