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My second attempt at M33


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Good evening

Despite the perpetual cloudy forecast recently, I was fortunate enough to see two nights of clear skies last week and took advantage of these to capture M33.

I first captured M33 in September last year and with an almost total upgrade of equipment over the last year, and significantly more experience under my belt, I decided to try again to see how they compare.  I am very happy with the outcome, seeing huge improvements in image capture and processing. 

I had some trouble teasing out the arms, and lacks a blue tint that others I see has, but all in all I am satisfied.  



3h 20m of luminance and 2h 30m of each RGB.  All subs taken using a WO GT81 APO, ASI 1600MM Pro, Baader filters, HEQ5 (rowan upgrade) and ASI Air Pro.  



4h 40m of subs taken using Meade 6000 80mm APO, Canon 1300D, HEQ5 (stock). 


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That is a very nice M33 Jem.  The detail is great.  On my monitor the colour looks a little off.  The first pic has a green cast which I think you have over corrected a little in the second image pushing it over into magenta.  I had a quick look in PS, took out the green and a small tweak to the saturation to pull out a little blue in the outer arms.  There was actually quite a lot of blue but I've kept it toned down.  

Excellent capture!M33_Snoani.thumb.jpg.949b5237d523d58eeae6a5cd20038dbe.jpg

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Agree with the above about colours, but still a great capture! Face on spirals are really photogenic.

I try not to not call a shot finished after processing because sometimes i get "colourblind" by looking at the same image for too long. I just save the image and do something else/browse other images. Next day i see something i should have done differently and re-do processing. The too green/too purple problem goes away with this for me.


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