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ASIAIR Plus availability


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Not sure if this is allowed here... 

Does anyone know of a place that may have the ASAIR Plus in stock and not for 2-3x retail?  Ive had mine on order forever and about ready to bail on it unless I can find an alternate source. Or possibly when general availability will begin? If its soon I guess I can hold out a little more...

Thank you



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Thanks GoldTop57

From what I understand is the first 100 worldwide are being delivered Nov 2021, which seems a little strange but is what it is.   I have been considering getting a Pro in the mean time, as I think the connections and learning curve will be essentially the same, so it wouldnt be like starting over again...

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On 08/11/2021 at 15:43, GoldTop57 said:

Indeed I have the Pro and don't see the need to upgrade to the Plus - I have the Vonets Wifi Extender and it works pretty well.

Same here, I was tempted as I find the Vonets a bit hit and miss but to be honest other than the (debatable?) big improvement in wifi range there is nothing the new one does that the old one doesn't.  I'll probably wait for the next iteration.

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The ASIAir Plus units are starting to arrive.

I order one from FLO when they went on pre-order on the 1st October and had it delivered on the 27th October.

I think the first batch they had were all sold before the container arrived in the UK. So, with demand outstripping supply at the moment, if you've already pre-ordered one I would stick with it because second hand ASIAir Pro's aren't that much cheaper at the moment and the new price is the same (assuming you can find one). ;)

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