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Can Rochester and places near Rochester see aurora borealis?


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The further south you go the more activity is needed for you to see them… the Scot’s have an advantage over us. I’ve seen faint aurorae from Richmond Park in London, but that was a rare event. As the sun gets more active through the solar cycle keep an eye on spaceweather.com and other alert sites. Look for “kp”>8. Ideally an early evening impact will deliver a strong response around 10pm which is when the auroral oval is furthest south. In exceptional situations you would have to look south to see an Aurora….. once in several decades.

Good luck


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My mum always spoke about seeing the aurora just before WW2 started, like it was an omen. She was in in Bradford, near Bath - so pretty far south. I just had  quick check and there was the 'Fatima' storm of January 1938, which might be it.



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