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Kson Super Orthoscopic Eyepieces

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Still can't decide on a new high mag eyepiece. :lol:

I saw some Kson Super Orthoscopic Eyepiecess and have heard they are good value as about £35. Has anyone tried them, are they any good for a 5 inch f5 newtonian?

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Hi. Just noticed this thread.

Do they look like these,


Not heard of Kson, but I think a few sellers over in the states have sold these(I had/have Apogee branded ones) and University Optics have recently added them to their line of eyepieces also.

If so, then they are good lightweight(build quality not quite as good as the other two) orthos, with a wider field of view than the two other ortho types as seen in the above link. As for the view through the lenes, the general feeling seems to be the HD's are the better, followed by the 'volcano top', then the super abbe.

There are other sellers other than U.O.. I just used them and their site as a handy example.

Hope this is of help.


ps: An ortho is an old, simple, design that works well with any type of scope. The field of view and eye relief are smaller than some newer eyepieces, but the sharp clean view is what the ortho is all about.

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