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Outreach report "Oh my god"


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Prices are lower in the US where supply is greater. As said they don’t make a lot and government is the main buyer so I wouldn’t expect any notice drop in prices. 
have to agree that existing my observers aren’t that excites as Gav noted, it’s the people with no prior expectations who respond the greatest.



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Unfortunately prices seem unlikely to drop, although slightly less perfect tubes (which have small black spots towards the edge of the view - but aren’t a big problem for astronomy) are available at more affordable prices - less than a case of Ethos eyepieces for example (not that a case of Ethos is very affordable!!).
I see a lot of local astro clubs have solar telescopes. If they have the funds, they should explore buying a night vision system, which I suspect would prove even more popular with members.

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21 hours ago, GavStar said:

An experienced nv user posted the following comment on CN recently…

Acting solely as a facilitator, offering up memories to last a life time, is incredibly rewarding in and of itself. 


The most impactful encounters, have all been with those who will likely never have the inclination to buy an NVD nor a telescope. 


The least impactful and joyless encounters, have been within the astronomy community itself, particularly with the "experienced " amateur.  


Rough heathen outreach is rewarding, doing it to convert, not so much.  

Almost poetic Gav


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On 07/11/2021 at 17:22, Deadlake said:

Actually they no longer sell NV equipment, OVNI only sells direct. However you main point of availability is correct. The only difficulty is sourcing a good tube, which OVNI has the contracts to cherry pick the good ones.  

A quick clarification here. All our "astronomy grade" intensifier tubes are built to order, we do not choose them among a batch of production.

And all our tubes in the OVNI-M / OVNI-B are specifically designed with the best specs for astronomy use, no black spots and autogated + manual gain features.


On 07/11/2021 at 20:58, Highburymark said:

Didn’t realise Astrograph had stopped selling NV. So no UK retailers?

We have stopped partnerships with all our resellers worldwide in may this year. So yes, we stopped dealing with "Astrograph" in the UK.

We only sell direct and we are used to ship on the 5 continents.

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