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Walking on the Moon

Hello all...


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I've just bought my first telescope (Skymax 127), and am a complete newb to astronomy.

Still trying to work out where things are, and what I'm looking at... and would welcome any advice as to what the most interesting things to observe are, that my Skymax is capable of. So far I've just been looking at the moon, and easy to find things like the Orion nebula.


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Hi Gobes

I have that scope and its big brother too,

What mount do ya have?

I felt i had to upgrade mine as it had more wobble than a weeble,

now the owner of a EQ5 synscan.

Try some better eyepices than the standard , a good barlow and

diagonal made a noticable difference to me.

Starmaps to help you get around if you have an i touch i recommend you getting a prog called starmap its got a lot of good references.

Good luck and enjoy:icon_salut:

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Hi Gobes,

A warm welcome to SGL, It is a bit mind blowing when you first start, to accompany your scope I would invest in the publication "Turn Left at Orion" you will find it a great help in finding your way about.



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Lots of Welcomes...now for some objects to point at....Go for M81 and M82, two bright galaxies overhead. A bit hard to find but So rewarding...While there try to split the Pole star using high pwer. There is a faint star right next to the bright pole star.....Then perhaps try M3 which is rising to the East, it is a ball of stars, try to see the stars around the edge...Find all these first using Catre Du Ciel(free download) and then report back!!!


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Hi Gobes, and welcome, I'm a bit of a newbie too.

I'm also interested in the 127 Mak so wondered if I could join you sometime at Snodland (see your other thread).

I'll even bring along my copies of "Turn Right at Orion" and "Nightwatch" for you to take a look at. :lol:


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