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Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune


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Morning all,

I thought I'd share some of my recent images of the outer planets, all taken throughout October. 

I'm only just getting started with Uranus & Neptune...so be gentle. I'm quite pleased that their colour has pulled through more than anything at the moment, however I'm hoping to concentrate more on focusing next time, but as I'm sure you all know....it is surprisingly difficult! 🥴

Photos taken using my SkyMax 180, ADC corrector (for Jupiter & Saturn), ZWO ASI224MC & Baader IR/UV cut filter. I've been trying out my IR Pass filter for Uranus & Neptune but I'm not having much luck yet, probably something I'm doing wrong somewhere. :icon_scratch:


2099232028_JUPITERSmall.jpeg.f655bb0fa5adf67c4c0566caf708ae26.jpeg - with Io




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5 minutes ago, Damien2904 said:

I've been trying out my IR Pass filter for Uranus & Neptune but I'm not having much luck yet, probably something I'm doing wrong somewhere. 

What seems to be the problem there? If you are using IR Pass filter - you should treat your data as monochromatic.


If your IR Pass filter - passes all above say 800nm - then you can see that all three colors have roughly the same response - your image will be in effect - monochromatic.

That also means that you won't be able to get any color on that image.

Did you resize your images? Neptune seems too small in comparison to Uranus. It should larger than half of Uranus - but in above images it looks like it is ~1/3 of it by diameter (according to Wiki - Uranus angular diameter ranges in 3.3″ – 4.1″ and Neptune's is 2.2″ – 2.4″ - so even in worst case - apparent diameter will be larger than half of that of Uranus).

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Unfortunately when I used the IR pass filter I hadn't focused correctly, so when I processed them there wasn't much point going any further. 

Other than resizing the images for this post, I think I took them using different ROI settings in FireCapture - this was my first attempt at Uranus so after finding it, spending ages trying to get the best focus, it was probably one thing I forgot to change from the standard settings on the Uranus profile. 

Thanks for the info vlaiv :thumbright:

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Thank you Pete. 

Unexpectedly I had an evening out with my scope last night even though the forecast was terrible, but to my surprise it was fairly clear-ish most of the evening apart from the occasional passing high cloud.

Below is my second attempt at Uranus, not amazing but it's all practise for me, I'm quite chuffed. First two are without using a barlow lens, the last is with a barlow lens. 


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