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Second scope "build"

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Ello Folks, just wondering if anyone has a relatively simple solution for this, I intend to run a second mount with 400mm prime camera lens for a slightly wider FOV which will have a DSLR or at some point in the future an astro cam hanging of it, the question is mounting a separate guide scope, I have a spare skywatcher default guidescope which I believe is able to be adapted for a guide camera but attaching it to the rail is atm what I'm trying to sus out for best way forward that's dependable and not going to budge. No problem hacking something together if need be. TY


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That got me googling for one but came across a post about mounting the guide scope underneath the scope, not yet sure if I would have the room once guide cam is added but will give it a go first, there was a few posts about the hot shoe option but consensus seemed to be that it was a fair weight to add to a shoe.


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