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Live stacking short subs into longer (say 5min) ones to be stacked later normally. Is there software for this?


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I have a weak mount that really suffers with longer exposures. Ideally i would take 10s or shorter subs to make the best of a bad situation. But this means hundreds of gigabytes of data per target, which is not really possible practically. I am imaging with an IMX571 OSC camera so read noise and light pollution combined means that exposures as low as 2 seconds would completely swamp the noise floor. 


Is there software that i could use to livestack lets say 5 minutes of 10s subs and then save that 5min sub as a "raw" sub to be stacked later in actual processing? I know of sharpcap live stacking, but isnt that more for EAA? 


This would be the best of both worlds, good tracking, little to no wasted subs, low storage and processing requirements for long integration time targets. 5 minutes of total exposure per livestacked raw also means gradients are manageable. 


Of course i know another solution: a good mount. But if software can emulate that its not needed.

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9 hours ago, ngwillym said:

Yes, Sharpcap can do this. It allows you to save and reset  a live stack after 'x' minutes - you define x.


Hmm, must have missed this somehow but yes there is something like this in sharpcap...

Well, now to only summon the weather to test this!

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