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Night of faint DSOs and Happy Halloween


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I am getting spoiled, second night of observing. The morning rain and wind had really cleared the atmosphere for tonight. It was the best Milky Way I could see this year. Arch visible from E to W and with defined dust lanes. I knew it would be a night for more nebulas and I target the fainter ones. I used my OIII filter through the night together with an ES 82  68 degrees 24mm EP. I went around Cepheus. First target was the Elephant Trunk nebula. I was not expecting much but my oh my! Fantastic nebulosity feeling the EP; I had to pan around to get all in. Lovely nebulosity with a darker core. At the edge, there was defined elongated nebula at W (dob viewing) that was coming around at the top like a limb; fainter nebulosity was following past it to the E. That reminded me of the Rosette Nebula. I wish I had a larger FOV to take it all in. I then moved to the Wizard nebula; the cluster of stars was easily visible through the OIII and the nebula was coming across nicely. In my eyes it appeared as a triangular shaped one with defined edges. I was also quite impressed with the visibility of the Milky Way that I panned around and I came across some nebulosity within a rich star area. A look after I finished turned out to be around the Lion nebula (not sure what the actual surrounding nebula is called). I then tried the Iris nebula but I just could not find it; I think I was getting tired moving the Dob almost at a vertical position. I will revisit later in the winter. Next, I moved to Cassiopeia; I revisited the Pacman nebula and this time I could see a lot of details and more complex structure than my previous observation. I then moved to γ Cas Nebula; very faint nebula that appeared like an  elongated filament that I could follow around. I had to move the Navi star out of the FOV since it was ruining my night vision for the nebula to pop. My final target was the Skull nebula. Well it is Halloween after all so it felt appropriate to take a look at it. Damn that was hard to find; my S horizon was getting a bit merky. I got i the location ok but I would not show up; I moved my OIII to the 14mm EP and there it was; very very faint but it did look a bit skullish.💀

Overall, an amazing night of faint nebulas at the eve of Halloween. Be careful with monsters 👾out there, luckily non for me tonight. By the way, for the ones that followed yesterdays wine post, tonight's tipple was The Yamazaki Single malt. Happy Halloween!

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