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21 Oct 2021 - Jupiter through various filters & then an attempted recombination


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I managed to grab some data on Jupiter last week.  I bore in mind @Nik271 advice on an earlier attempt to keep a ratio of 4-5x between the f-ratio and the pixel size.  So this time I used the f/10 Mak with an ASI290MM (2.9um pixel size so at 3.4x still not quite in the 4-5x range).  And having got my hands on a manual FW from another kind SGLer, tried a bunch of old Meade 4000 filters & then a combination in GIMP.

The filters used were ND96, 23A (light red?), 58 (green), 80A (blue) & 12 (yellow).

The image from each of the filters is below (its interesting seeing the differences in what data comes through), as is an attempt at combining the RGB images into a colour (w a bit of playing around in GIMP).

I suppose its a start although still well away from the calibre of the other images on here!



Yellow:Jup_211021_12 yellow.png

Blue: Jup_211021_80A blue.png

Green: Jup_211021_58 green.png

Light red: Jup_211021_23A light red.png

ND96: Jup_211021_ND96.png

RGB Combination: Jup_211021_RGB recombination.png

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15 hours ago, Franklin said:

Nice images. It's interesting that the Green filter appears to show the most contrast. I've used Yellow and Blue filters for viewing Jupiter before, maybe I will stack them to try viewing through Green! 👍

Thanks - you should report back what you find!

Also on closer inspection, I notice that the images are slightly different quality outputs from ImPPG.  I used the same settings on each, but maybe I should tailor it to each image & then recombine.  Lets see.

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