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Walking on the Moon

Light Pollution Filters

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Have been using a 1.25" Baader Neodymium filter for some time with acceptable results but am suffereing vignetting due to the small size of the filter so decided to get a 2" Skywatcher LPR as they are so cheap and see how it will perform (worth a punt as they say).

Got the filter today so decided to take three test shots tonight just pointed towards Glasgow and see what the differences are, interesting to see the Skywatcher has produced a darker image, how this will turn out under real imaging conditions will be interesting, will it dim all objests or just be better at the light pollution.

Of course no chance of trying for real as it is wall to wall cloud, the dark blotches are just the tips of some trees that were in the way and nothing to do with the filters or camera.

Images as out of the camera, only resized for posting - no other alterations. Roll on a clear night for a trial. Just thought it might be of interest to someone to see the comparison.

Image 1 - No Filter

Image 2 - Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglow

Image 3 - Skywatcher LPR

All images 30 second exposure @ ISO800 - Unmodded Canon 400D

As they say the jury is out as to which is better but time will tell.





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