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TOA-130F first light, unprocessed (Eastern Veil)


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At long last I managed to record my first image with the TOA-130F I acquired late last spring. The summer hiatus seemed endless before the darkness returned, and with autumn also the near constant rain and busy schedules made their comeback. On Saturday I finally had a chance to test imaging with the scope (I have had a chance to do some visual observation).

My idea was to record a few test images just to see if everything is working correctly. I took a few 1s exposures to take a closer look at stars and such, but managed to fail that task by aiming at a portion of the sky with too few stars, so those don't really provide much information.

For proper imaging I wanted to target the Cygnus area, which is still quite well placed in the sky for now before traversing lower and behind streetlights and trees later in the winter. I picked the Eastern Veil as the target, set up guiding and managed one (1) 10 minute exposure before the clouds rolled in. Let's see when I get the next chance, the forecast is cloudy for the foreseeable future...

The moon was almost full and quite high, but luckily at least on the other side of the sky. Given that it is only one sub in questionable conditions, I thought I'd share this image in a raw state. Thus it might serve as bit of a test image. So keeping with that idea I have only performed the following tasks in PI: debayer, autostretch, automatic background extraction.

I see some elongation in the top left, and the stars seem a bit square to me. I'll have to take some proper test images for more accurate judging, though. Guiding errors and the oncoming cloudy haze might have caused anomalies here. Despite the potential troubleshooting emerging, I'm still really really excited about finally getting the first image with the scope!

Judging for what it is, what can you see (besides the shadow of the OAG in the top right corner 😅)?

Equipment used: Takahashi TOA-130F + reducer, ASI071MC-Pro, OAG, ASIAIR, Ioptron CEM60, Optolong L-Enhance



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