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Combining a FTS file and CR2 files in Deep Sky Stacker

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Right, next problem...

I just took a load of my very first Ha narrowband frames with my EOS1000D (so, CR2 RAW files).

I want to use them to enhance the nebulosity in my IC1396 Elephant's Trunk shot, which means I need to align them perfectly.

So, to do this, I thought the best way would be to bring the FTS file for IC1396 into DSS, alongside the Ha CR2 files, use that as the registration frame, but uncheck it so it isn't stacked. The stack worked, but wasn't aligned with the original FTS file. At all.

So I took the highest scoring CR2 file that I used to create the original shot, thinking that would be the one DSS used to register all the others. Straight away this looked more promising because when I right-clicked it in DSS to use it as the registration frame, it put a star next to it, which it mysteriously didn't with the FTS file. This was close, but just out.

Having played around a bit more I can see that DSS doesn't like the FTS file because although it's the same size as the CR2 files, other properties are different, for example the colour profile and CFA. So, I tried saving it as a greyscale TIFF, but still no joy. I don't know what to do about the CFA property.

So, to avoid going through every CR2 file to try and find out which one DSS used to register the FTS file, or having to completely redo the IC1396 shot from scratch by using a known, common registration frame, I think I'd much prefer to find a way to get DSS to use the FTS file as a registration frame because then I'll have a way forward to do this with many of my other past shots.

Any ideas? Oh, and please don't suggest using APP, Siril, Pixinsight etc because I have actually tried them all in the past, and keep coming back to DSS as my preferred stacker. I just really like it and get (to my eye) decent results out of it. I'm sure there must be a way of doing this in DSS!

Thanks, Brendan

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Hmmmm. So, I recreated the original image, using the same reference frame as I used to create the H alpha image - and they're not aligned.

What on earth is going on?

POST-EDIT - I just restacked both and it's aligned now. But I'd still very much prefer to be able to align new Ha stacks with old RGB stacks if at all possible, rather than having to recreate everything from scratch or aligning in Photoshop. This must be possible.

POST-POST EDIT - Got it - of course, you stack the Ha as a FTS file, then you have two FTS files which are compatible, use the original for registration. Boom-shanka.

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