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Sky Safari Plus Sunbeam

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Hi all. I'm looking for help removing an annoying"sunbeam" feature that was never present before on my Sky Safari 6 Plus app. It's very bright and interferes with using the app. I'm not sure why it's doing this as all my settings are as the usually are. The bright beam is coming from the sun. Does anyone know what's going on and how to stop it? It's driving me crazy 🤯🤯. See attached picture. Thanks so so much in advance!Screenshot_2021-10-18-20-09-57-70.thumb.png.cc259f1b223a2f05b776a2b81793f27d.png

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2 minutes ago, IB20 said:

Is that definitely the sun and not a cometary tail? Try turning comets off.

IB20 you legend! Just tried it and you are right it was a cometary tail as it disappeared once I turned comets off. There is currently a bright comet 342/SOHO real close to the sun, the "beam" must have been coming from it as its tail. Thank you so much for your help, I couldn't figure what was going on as the beam was not there yesterday. You deserve 100 clear nights! Thanks again 👍

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1 minute ago, Stu said:

I can’t see any settings which cause that effect on the sun so am a bit baffled.

Thanks Stu, it was caused by a cometary tail, a comet so close to the sun that I thought it was coming from the sun itself! Curious thing was that the beam of light moved in different directions as I scrolled through the star maps. Thanks to @IB20 for solving the mystery!

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I guess he is referring to the "planner" feature . 

Go to observe menu and choose "planner" . Choose comets under object type , set your desired magnitude limit , maybe add RA for visibility in your observing time . Give search and add it to observing list . 

Now go to observation list and allow highlight object option . Now the object will appear the way he described - it will highlight the comet with a small ring around it . 

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