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Ironically I just got rid of my list as I was having issues editing it... it looks like the imported list was longer the maximum allowed but still displayed , as soon as i went to change it it wouldn't allow me to update it unless i reduced the size to within the limits?

... but yes in general it hopefully lets someone who's asked a gear specific question to gauge if you know what your talking about when you reply...


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Yeah, well, these equipment signatures never include the truly interesting stuff, like:

  • the kind of thermal underwear you were wearing at the time
  • what sort of astronomer's hat you had on
  • whether your brand of mascara showed eyelash silhouettes in the eye piece.

As to the minor stuff (like scope and eyepieces)...isn't a lucky guess more fun?

(BTW Psychobilly...your avatar is still scaring the doodars out of me...)

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I haven't got around to reoing my list yet but will do soon, and yes, it is useful I think, especially for imagers, as we then don't have to list the gear we use every time we post an image.

A thing to bear in mind though....if you list your gear, it's perhaps best not to put where you live, as there are scumbags around who might want to pay you a visit and nick the stuff.

I'm the only Hodgkinson in the phone book in my area, so it's not hard to find where my gear is.

Billy....that avatar scares me too!!!



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