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Hello everyone and although it's been a while since I posted I have been active in the back ground.

I am due to go to galloway in 2 weeks and aim to make the most of it, weather gods permitting.

I recently read that some galaxies that have active nuclei can be observed using a UHC filter to bring out detail of the galactic core and wondered if anyone has used this method and if so, have some examples of suitable DSO targets.

My understanding is the black hole is spewing out vast clouds of superheated particles from it's polar regions and these will stand out well under a uhc filter although this will obviously kill the actual galaxy itself.

Any help gratefully received.


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3 hours ago, mdstuart said:

The Markarian galaxies often have active cores so try a few of those.

Not heard that re using a uhc filter before. Interested to hear after your observations.


Thanks for the reply mark, Markarian chain is on ly list but it may be too late into the early morning to see them.

Also further reading reveals a thread on here discussing using UHC for syfert galaxies Filter discussion  see @YKSE comments halfway down. 

I have read it somewhere else too on cloudy nights but my pc did an update, auto rebooted and I lost where it is. 

I am looking forward to trying this out as if it proves a worthwhile method to employ it will bring a whole new dimension to viewing faint fuzzies.

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6 hours ago, estwing said:

Desperate to get some galaxy hunting in at Galloway...terrific skies there Steve.

Cheers calv, I have been up there before and was blown away and so kinda know what to expect.  I am so hoping for at least one good night.

I am there for up to 4 night and i have made up a mixed group of target objects but mainly of nebula and galaxy with a few other things thrown in to break it up/. 

My list of objects currently stands at 87 lol 😅

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