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beginner question re snapshots using digital camera

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Hi all.  I have googled around and can't seem to find an answer.to this basic question.  Having found it near to impossible to get snapshots through the eyepiece,  I bought a T adapter and attached my mirrorless camera to the diagonal and testing it out in daytime it was great to see how easily I could get focus, the camera seemed to default to MF, but it would not fire the shutter!  I'm guseeing it is lacking  information from the lens that it requires  or some such thing?  Do I need to set everything manually somehow, I'm a bit of a scene selection auto/fully auto shooter....  It's a new camera I'm not too familiar with all the digital menus etc.  It's a canon EOSM100.    Anybody know what I need to do to make it fire the shutter please?

(I'm not ever going to get into serious astrophotography, strictly the moon, planets and maybe a glob or two, I'm not technically minded, as you can tell)

Thanks folks

Clear skies,


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As a minimum, you'll need to set the camera to either aperture-priority or manual. The camera doesn't know there's a "lens" attached since it can't talk to it. Some cameras have a setting "shoot without lens" or similar wording, it needs to be "on" or "yes" or it still won't fire. Not sure if that applies to yours.

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Canon cameras are usually AP friendly and will shoot without lens by default provided its in Manual mode or even the semi auto T or AV settings but will not normally work with the others or in video mode without changing the "shoot without lens" setting in the menu as already mentioned.


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Looking at the info online, you can change the lens to an ef or ef-s lens, not all of them are auto so it will work so it's a case of going through the settings and setting the camera to manual mode and manual focus mode. It definitely won't work in auto focus mode as it's looking for feedback from the lens. Let us know how you get on 👍

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