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Lunar South Pole


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The terminator region is always one of the most beautiful and interesting to photograph. The large shadows in this region give great prominence to the targets located there.
At the same time, the high contrast of light and shadow makes it difficult to capture, it is very common for the walls of the craters that face the Sun to be blown out and thus completely lose the details. In this photo, using carefully gain, exposure, and gamma as well as gentle processing, I managed to capture the bright edges of Moretus and Tycho without losing virtually any detail.
I hope colleagues know how to appreciate this detail!


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1 hour ago, astroavani said:

I hope colleagues know how to appreciate this detail!


This colleague does Avani!! One of the best regions, some of the most interesting craters, and a 'flyover' view as well. Very nicely done.

Lots of nice detail in Maginus too.

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Sir, another excellent image!

I viewed this area for a few moments yesterday and was totally amazed at how crisp and clear it was.

The rims of the two smaller craters inside the larger one were standing out like the LED rings you see on many new autos was really a great example of how the terminator plays with the heights and depths of these craters!

Unless you turn your telescope towards Luna every chance you can, you'll never realize it's not, just the moon!


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