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So I built a power tank...

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Relative newbie here so thought I'd just post up some info on my power tank that I recently finished.

Built around a Dewalt box that previously held my son's SDS drill (he gave me the box as he didnt need it!) and houses 2x Miady 32Ah LifePo4 batteries in parallel, giving just shy of 1000WH of power.

I changed to the LifePo4's from the original AGM 75Ah battery due to the enormous weight of the battery - the Miady batteries are incredibly light at around 4KG each.

Box has 2x cigarette outlets, one of which is power-regulated and boosted to 13.8V for the mount (AZEQ6). There is then both USB3.0 and USB-C as well as 2x Anderson Powerpole 12V outlets for future use. I also added a charger port, 20A breaker on the main +ve as well as a 6 way fuse box. On top of that I added a great find which is the power information screen. Lastly I decided to add 4 Red and 4 White LED sidelights and both can be switched independently.

Fairly easy to make and the batteries obviously the most expensive part at £119 each from Amazon. Without anything connected but all lights active and outlets active it runs 360-ish mA... I'm reasonable happy with that as the lights run at 250mA alone.

Should easily see me through a night in the field, away from home with DSLR, mount, 2x dew heaters, ASIAIR Plus (when it eventually arrives in the UK from FLOv - they are still preorder) and some other bits and bobs..











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Have to say the Miady batteries are super lightweight and at 960Wh total for the two 32A LifePo4's in parallel they have way more than enough for a night in the field. I was using 75Ah AGM which was 20KG and I'm now down to 8KG for the batteries and 11 overall for the box. took a day to put together but works a treat. I could probably make it smaller in reality and will most likely do a "V2" version that is smaller in the new year as the batteries are way smaller than the box. Really like the 12V buck boost as it gives 13.8V steady when the batteries are down to 12V so I know the mount (AZEQ6) is getting the right V for guiding etc.

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On 25/10/2021 at 19:55, StarWomble said:

short dark haired evil bird...

Nah. It's the wife! 😂

Nice battery box. I am current using a 100 Ah AGM which is a beast. I might look at a lithium upgrade using the same box. Mine is old fashioned ply.

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I'll see what I can put together. The Buck Boost is this one. Vey simple to wire as +12v in and +- output. Voltage adjust is via a small potentiometer and has 3 segment LED for the voltage. Pretty accurate according to my meter.



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