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EQ6-R Pro - Brand new

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Hi All,

I am brand new here but I have one question to start with...

I have just taken delivery of a brand new EQ6-R Pro and it seems not as 'smooth' to balance as I was expecting, as in, if I balance it slightly heavy on one side, it does not swing through the balance point and back again, aka pendulum like as I have seen with other peoples 'tuned' mounts.

Is it worth getting it tuned or even to the point of replacing the factory fitted Chinese bearings with higher quality bearings?

At this time the evil weather is against any attempt to setup and play with it yet to check its 'out of the box' performance so I guess this is a hypothetical question really :)

Best Regards


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If its brand new then don't make any mods/changes to it !, as that wil invalidate any warranties etc.   Contact the retailer, and tell them about your concerns, then see what they recommend... 

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Agree with Julian, contact the retailer from where it was purchased and explain what's happening.  Making that call now means that you'll still have consumer law on your side should the retailer try to worm out of their responsibilities.  Having said that, most of the large retailers in the UK are decent and have excellent after sales service, so you should be fine

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5 minutes ago, pjlonghurst said:

not as 'smooth' to balance


The cone bearings at the base of each axis are almost invariably adjusted too tightly and some we've seen, dry. Many I suspect spend their entire lives like this.

Very easy to fix: Just the bottom bit of each need be adjusted. A quarter turn anti-clockwise of the bush is usually all that's required. 


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If its any consolidation, my new AZEQ6 is exactly the same, and that only has needle bearings to spin on the friction surfaces. I had always assumed this was simply the way with SW mounts. No point opening up a new mount yourself if it risks the warranty.

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Without the extension bar and one weight right at the end, fully undo the clutch, lift the weight till the bar is horizontal and then let go it swings up the other side about a third of the way and then settles back to the vertical.

Nothing in the dovetail clamp.

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