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LBN 406 and its neighbours in Draco


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Rated by Lynd as "barely detectable" (1 on his 6-grade scale), I though this would be a good challenge for my dual RASA8 rig on Monday night when I had the first clear night in a long time.

This is indeed a very faint nebula as are its companions seen in this image. LDN406 is the bottom one. There are not many images of these structures on Astrobin and I think this one reveals more than most that a stellar wind appears to blow through the nebulae causing quite some turbulence.

So 2 x 3 hours = 6 hours as 3 min subs with RASA8 and AI2600MC (gain 100, offset 30, -10°C) on a Mesu200. Captured 12 October so no moon.

Processed in PI and PS. This time I used the new Star Xterminator filter in PS from RC-Astro to give the nebulosity an extra stretch before I added back the stars to my liking.

Cheers & CS, Göran

20211012 LBN406 RASA1+2 PS33smallSign.jpg

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4 hours ago, whipdry said:

Thats a truly fine image.

Just wondering why you chose StarXterminator for PS rather than the PI version, have you tried both? 


Thaks a lot. I thought Star Xterminator was just a PS filter, and StarNet++ was for PI. Initial reports here on SGL suggest that Star Xterminator is a bit better. In any case I do most of my processing in PS so it was the natural choise for me.

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41 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

Superb, and the star technique is spot on.


Thanks a lot Olly! That program is highly recommended and will be part of my tool kit from here on.

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They don’t look faint on your image!👍

Duel rigs are a lot of work and expense but it does give me a warm feeling that every hour that elapses while imaging is twice that in subs on the hard drive.

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Thanks Steve!

Yes, it is a good feeling isn't it. Also, it is not only that you hopefully get twice the data, you are also twice as likely to at least get one scope working properly. Right now one of my RASAs has quite ugly stars on the left 1/4 of the image, I should probably check the collimation after I moved it to the Mesu, but then I can just use the data from the other one there - a little bit more noise there but who would notice?

I am sure that the long FL of the RASAs makes them a bit easier to handle as a dual rig than two 6" refractors. No flex noticed. Maybe you should replace that SY135 with a RASA👹- makes the rig a bit more balanced.

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19 hours ago, gorann said:

Maybe you should replace that SY135 with a RASA👹- makes the rig a bit more balanced.

Indeed, there are currently some chunks of steel sharing the dovetail with the SY135, but unfortunately you can't get an image with those.

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