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Hi Folks,

Quick question, has anyone had the antenna mod completed on their ASIAIR Pro? If so, who did the work and how effective was it?

Spotted a service advertised through eBay Premier Technical Services.




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2 hours ago, Thorney said:

I have seen a few people do it on the internet, all been DIY jobs though and unsure how the performance was as I couldn’t find any feed back for it. 
 I did come across one of these which I’ll be giving a try. 

I picked up one of these a few months back.  It is a slight improvement on the (woeful) wifi performance of the AAP alone.  There does seem to be some element of 'line of sight' in that it depends on its orientation in relation to where my iPad is.  On a good night/orientation it will get through one set of glass patio doors and a distance of c.20ft.  Never managed to get the 5G to work well though so I stick to 2.4G.  I was going to move to the AAP+ but to be honest it works just well enough at the moment for me not to bother.

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Yes, I’m using one of those Vonets things. It helps. But having tried it, it’s no where near 300 metres line of sight as claimed. Perhaps a tenth of that.  And as you say not even as good as that if obstacles (like the telescope) are in the way.  Fortunately it works over the 10m to my warm room (shed). 

Initially I had a lot of trouble getting the Vonets to work consistently at 5G.  My iPad just didn’t seem able to find it. What seemed to help was to change the settings to  “Auto select the best channel” in the WiFi Repeater section.  Even now when I initially try to connect, my iPad  very often tells me the password is wrong. It’ll keep telling me it’s wrong (which it isn’t) until eventually it decides it does know it and connects OK. After that it’s usually fine. 

Hopefully the new ASIair plus will solve these problems. 

Sorry my post was a tad off topic. I haven’t tried the antenna mod and probably wouldn’t since I only just started using a ASIair.

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It does.  A fold of thin card tucked under the elastic bands that hold the Vonets to the ASIair solve that one. It’s all a tad shoddy really when a lovely bit of kit like the ASIair has to be supplemented by a less than adequate WiFi extender that needs to be held on by rubber bands and it’s lights suppressed by a bit of card or black sticky tape? 

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